Hints & Tips


Here at the Uniform Swap Shop it's our aim to help you SELL your educational items as quickly as possible.


Please follow our suggestions to ensure your products are sold efficiently and effectively.


FREE search of all lodgment listings!

Search all lodgements to find the products which are right for you.


FREE registration!

Registration is absolutely free.  Registration allows you full access to all information on site, including ability to contact the SELLERS. Simply click the REGISTER tab and you'll have access within minutes.


Why does it work?

It allows you to turn your unwanted items into cash.  It also helps your school community, the enviornment and national non-profit organisations like The Alannah & Madeline Foundation. 


Buy an Item

Buying an item is easy.  Simply find the item you want, click "BUY THIS ITEM" and follow the five step process to your seller.


Sell an Item

Step 1 - Using a camera or iPhone, photograph your items preferably on a clean white background


Step 2 - Click "SELL AN ITEM" and follow the easy prompts to lodgment. 


Step 3 - Be realistic about the condition of your item and set your price accordingly. 


Step 4 - "Like" your products to post them on Facebook.


Step 5 - Confirm and wait for your BUYERS.


Membership Options

We believe simplicity is the key.  So we have developed two easy membership options.

       * Family Membership:          UNLIMITED lodgments for only $15    (valid for 12 months)


          * Quick Pack:                          3 lodgments for $3 


Once you realise how easy it is, clothing, textbooks, sports equiptment, normally Family Memberships are the most economical way to go.  To ensure we can provide a powerful search function, only one item may be listed per lodgedment.  Multiple sizes for the exact same product is acceptable under one lodgement.


Condition Classification(s)

It is important that your classify your goods in terms of 'condition' or fitness to perform against what is regarded 'as new'.  


We have provided a guide to the 3 levels of 'condition' which best describes your product. 


  • Excellent Condition:      60-80% of new price
  • Good Condition:             40-60% of new price
  • Fair Condition:                20-40% of new price


Classifications require a common sense approach.



Advertisments (Facebook)

Whilst our site attracts a wide and varied demographic, it's always important to give your lodgments every chance of selling by advising your friends on Facebook.


In each individual product listing you'll see has a link "TELL YOUR FRIENDS - LIKE LISTING ON FACEBOOK".  This is a fantastic and easy way to extend your Uniform Swap Shop lodgments far and wide.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does the Uniform Swap Shop website work?

A:  Our website allows parents to BUY and SELL second-hand educational items. Trades are normally conducted at school or within your local neighbourhood.


Q:  Can anyone use The Uniform Swap Shop?

A:  Yes.  Our service is available to all Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities.   


Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  There are generally two membership types on offer which are;  

Family Membership, Unlimited lodgments for 12 months for only $15 or $3 for 3 lodgments.


Q:  If my sons pullover sells for $70.  How much do I receive?

A:  All of it.  Our fee is applied during the lodgment of the item.    


Q:  My details have changed.  Can I update my personal information?

A:  Yes, simply click on "MY ACCOUNT" to update your email, address or contact number at any time.


Removing your items once SOLD

Once your item has sold, we would ask that you remove your lodgment from the site.  You can do this by clicking 'MY ACCOUNT' and then 'LISTING HISTORY'.  Next to your SOLD item you will find a red X.  Simply click on the 'X' to remove your SOLD goods.  This will ensure you stop receiving purchase requests from other buyers.


Report a User

If you receive unsolicited, offensive or unreasonable communication from another User at any time, please report this to admin@uniformswapshop.com.au  


Do you require further assistance?

Please email our customer support team at admin@uniformswapshop.com.au for an immediate response.  We would be pleased to assist you.