Terms & Conditions


This Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") is a legal agreement between you ("User") and The Uniform Swap Shop ("Facilitator").  When you access and use the Uniform Swap Shop website ("Site") the user acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions within this Agreement.


This agreement may be amended or modified by the Facilitator at any time at it's discretion.  A User's continued use of the site constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.


The User agrees and acknowledges;

  • That the Facilitator never has ownership or title to any goods being bought or sold, unless the Facilitator is listed as the seller. 
  • The Facilitator only provides a platform where the Buyer and Seller may contact each other and does NOT warrant any item at to the suitability, quality or performance of the product in any way.
  • That he/she is 18 years or older.  Persons below 18 years of age are not authorised to to BUY or SELL via the site, save and except with their parent's or guardian's permission.
  • The Site is primarily designed to advertise and allow for the sale of second-hand uniforms, books and related educational products. Given this, items that do not fit this criteria in the sole opinion of the Facilitator will be banned and removed without warning.  The User will be entitled to list another approved product in it's place without penalty.  No refunds will occur for users who list banned goods.
  • The Facilitator may ban or prohibit a User at any time.
  • Their access will be via a private log in and password only known to them and they will be responsible for all transactions undertaken by their specified log in and password. 
  • That they will keep their log in and password confidential and not pass it onto others.  Shared use log in's and passwords is not permitted.
  • That they will NOT access this site under another User's login and password.
  • This agreement is governed and subject to the laws of the State of Victoria, Australia.  Any court action is only to be heard in Victoria, Australia.
  • That the sale is a transaction solely between the buyer and seller and the Facilitator is not involved in said transaction in any way whatsoever.
  • The Facilitator is not responsible for claims made regarding suitability, accuracy or reliability by the seller or any other party.  At no stage does the Facilitator see or inspect any product listed.  It is up to the Buyer at the time of exchange to inspect and determine if they wish to purchase the item.
  • That the Facilitator does not guarantee safety or accuracy of the content on this site.  The User accesses the Site at their own risk. It is strongly recommended that the User maintains current software protection at all times. 
  • That the Facilitator will not be held responsible in any way for the restriction of access to the site due to periodic maintenance or any and all internet issues which are outside of the Facilitators control.
  • The Facilitator will hold the User's information in accordance with the Faciltators privacy policy.  Importantly we will NEVER disclose, share or sell your information at any time, for any reason. 
  • They will have no claim against the Facilitator if a dispute should arise after a purchase has been finalised.  However the Facilitator will agree to contact the other party in an effort to resolve any dispute.
  • That any disputes requesting the Facililtators assistance must be made in writing to admin@uniformswapshop.com.au outlining the issue.


The Seller agrees that he or she;

  • Has the legal title to the goods lodged and indemnifies the Facilitator against any action which may be sought if title does not exist.
  • Will pay, at the time of lodgement, the fee's displayed in the Guide for Sellers which constitues part of this agreement.
  • Will display all prices in $ AUD
  • Understands that all lodgements last for a period of 12 months from the date of lodgement.


The Buyer agrees that he or she;

  • Agrees to the rules and conditions specified in the Guide to Buyers which constitues part of this agreement.
  • Will display all prices in $ AUD
  • Understands that all lodgments last for a period of 12 months from the date of lodgement.


That's enough of the fine print.  Happy Buying and Selling!


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